“This book is long over due and I want to thank Terry Magelssen for sharing these insights, tricks and tips giving all of us the opportunity to become better entertainers offering products of higher quality”.  

-David Sandy, Past International President, IBM


Presenting magic well is hard work. Every pro knows it’s more than just the tricks. The “Total visual Experience” involves so much more than walking out on stage and performing. Without a basic knowledge of theater skills and stagecraft, the magician will not create their best stuff.

Inside the pages of this book lie the secrets to taking your show or act to the next level. Contents include…

• Becoming A “Stage Magician”

• Production Value

• Anatomy of The Theater

• Your Team

• Sets

• Lighting

• Audio

• Music

• Special Effects

• Rehearsals

• Packaging and Transport

• Setting Up The Show

• Running The Show

• Resources

Whether you perform in schools, churches, hotels, theaters, cruise ships, casinos or outdoors, this book contains Terry’s 35+ years as a theatrical producer and technician. He shares the knowledge that has made his shows in demand by corporate and private producers as well as TV and film. Learn how to speak the lingo so technicians know what you are after when you arrive at their venue. Or perhaps you have chosen to purchase some of your own gear becoming completely self contained. Either way, Terry teaches how to select and use today’s modern theater technology, in addition to crafting your show at the “script level” to make the most of your performances.

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