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Amazing Productions, LLC

Terry Magelssen

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a) This performance and publicity pertaining to this performance shall be billed as “Stage of Wonder:  Terry Magelssen Illusionist”. The principal Performer/Artist is Terry Magelssen.

b) The Engager agrees to use only artwork, photos and/or promotional materials provided or approved by the Artist in all “Stage of Wonder” high-resolution images, promotional ideas, posters, program copy etc., are available. Call or email our office.



a) Minimum performance area of 24 feet wide by 12 feet deep with 12 feet of ceiling clearance.

b) Stage to be set 3 feet away from back wall. Minimum of 10 feet free and clear wing space on both stage left and stage right for storage of props.

c) Stage sections shall be clamped together or otherwise affixed so the deck is solid and “wobble free” and level, with each section level to the next. Stage floor to be free of cables, monitors, mic stands, podiums, defects                                     such as holes or uneven areas.

d) Steps from stage to house level, preferably center stage. Second set of steps on upstage right corner.

e) No seating directly to the left or right of stage (see diagram).

f) Stage should be in place a minimum of 6 hours prior to doors opening.

g) An 8 foot rectangular table at the back of the room for a “tech table” draped



We provide theatrical lighting and pro sound equipment. To power all of this equipment, we require the following…

a) 5 – 20amp circuits – accessible to back stage area.

b) 1 – 15amp circuit available to tech table.

c) A member of the venue’s “engineering” or “AV department” should be available to discuss power requirements when we begin loading in.



a) Beverage station with ice water, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

b) Cast & crew area. A room near the stage for the purposes of relaxing away from patrons and serves as a “dressing room”.



a) Arrival and load-in                                                12:00pm – 12:30pm

b) Set-up of show                                                       12:30pm – 3:30pm

c) Technical Rehearsal                                             4:00pm – 5:00pm

d) Event                                                                          6:00pm – 10:00pm (varies)

e) Strike                                                                          10:30pm – 12:00am



a) The presenter/purchaser shall provide hotel accommodations and parking for the cast and crew of Amazing Productions.

b) 2 hotel rooms, double occupancy (two beds), non-smoking. Rooms to be reserved in the name of Terry Magelssen.


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