Here Are The Shows And Services Terry Magelssen Presents


What do you do to entertain your guests after an awesome meal?  This is one of Terry’s most requested services.  Regardless of the venue or size of audience, he has a version of “Wonder” that will fit perfectly. Let’s get them laughing, scratching their heads and participating in the mysteries! Whether it’s on stage for hundreds in a banquet hall, or the back room of a restaurant, Terry has crafted “Wonder” to be a hit in any situation. The big version brings curtains, sound system, lighting and all necessary props. The smaller version rolls right into the room and can be ready at the drop of a hat. Terry works with your venue to ensure the best possible show arrangements possible. The big show has a “Technical Rider” that helps your venue be ready for the arrival and set up of “Wonder”. Either way, your guests will participate in magic and illusions like “The Houdini Escape”, “The $100 Bill Challenge”, “The Levitation”, “Mind Power”, “The Guillotine” and a closing piece that is crafted JUST for your industry or occasion that will leave everyone uplifted and glad they came!


Entertaining guests during the cocktail hour, hospitality suite or reception is a memorable experience with the sleight-of-hand artistry of Terry Magelssen.  Using playing cards, pencils, cash, rubber bands, car keys and other borrowed items, Terry causes them to take on a magical life of their own. “Close-Up Magic” is often times one of the most powerful forms of magic there is. When magic happens just under the guest’s nose and sometimes in their own hands, it evokes screams and loud outbursts of surprise and laughter!  Quite often our clients will bring Terry in for the “Package Deal” when he breaks the ice during the reception hour with “close-up” magic, and then “Wonder” after dinner. It’s the best of both worlds and is the best value for your budget.


How do you stop people dead in their tracks in front of your booth to watch and listen about your product or service?  The same way you collect qualified leads when they come IN to your booth…. the magical talents of Terry Magelssen.

How would you like to draw people to your booth from across the hall like a bunch of starving zombies?  Eager to see and hear what is going on where the crowd is?  When you are wanting to draw attention to your booth, Terry’s visual illusions and customized script will gain more qualified leads than many other forms of booth attractions.

A lifelong student of marketing and sales, Terry Magelssen blends the captivating and humorous skills that only a magician can bring to the table along with your key features and benefits that adds up to increased numbers of people being exposed to your company.

Let’s face it, public speaking is one of human kind’s biggest fears.  So your option is to put your staff in the booth sitting in a chair or milling about HOPING someone will stop for a piece of candy!

Terry researches your business, studies your product and service and crafts a message that will be HEARD as well as SEEN by large groups at a time.  Slowly drawing people over to see what is going on, presenting sleight of hand magic in the viewer’s hands, gradually presenting larger sized magic until the crowd has been built to a fever’s pitch, then “BAM”…. your message is delivered in a precise and entertaining fashion. What’s more, qualified leads are invited in to visit with your sales staff to receive their “free magic trick” (we can’t tell you what it is, but EVERYONE will want one, and it has your logo and contact info on it!).  And as that crowd disperses, Terry starts the whole process over again, all day long!

Of all the options you have to entice guests to stop at your booth, very few can actually make people feel good about stopping by while hearing an intelligent delivery of your sales message.

“Sometimes…..  it just takes a magician”.